Become A Real Estate Producer


Do you have a New York City Real Estate Broker’s license? Are you working in an office where you feel you are low in the hierarchy? Are you tired of feeling the ups and downs of a volatile market? Would you like to master skills for communicating with savvy New York sellers and property owners that bring powerful results? Then this course is for you. Let Susan Holman, NLP Trainer and John Petrocelli, veteran New York Hypnosis Trainer take you on a two day journey like no other where you will learn specific methods to win over your clients and earn the income you deserve in any market under any condition.

Master Skills at an Accelerated Rate including powerful persuasion techniques and anchoring

Learn the “Hidden Secrets of the Top Real Estate Agents” including how to gain the trust and bond with some of the toughest and most savvy clients in the country.

You will learn how to recognize the subtle cues of communication and explore in depth how body language, rapport and mirroring have many layers that you can adapt to any situation.

You can expect a higher closing rate with all your clients. You will also will be exuding unstoppable confidence and a physiology of excellence that will truly empower you to sell your way to the top coming from the highest levels of integrity and customer service.

Remember you never have a second chance to make a first impression. We all know that realtors have a tough under appreciated job where the burnout level is high. How would you like to be able to turn the tables on that idea? Would that be of value to you?
How to leave lasting first impressions, every time by using resource anchors that allow you to pass the judgements of even the most harsh critics with ease and grace.

You know the job is a 24/7 one that requires survival of the fittest and also some swimming with the sharks (no matter how much of a team player you are). How would you like to be able to swim with sharks as a dolphin if you will, completely stress free with consistent behavior and results every time?

We know this job involves a lot more work than the average client realizes. And for producers it involves endless appointment making. marketing, listing strategies and also working with the brokerage community. How would you like to have boundless energy and a laser sharp focus any day you are working and not only on your “good days” ?

We show you cutting edge techniques that you can build upon on your road to selling mastery. Whether it is cold calling or a hot referral ready to list you will be able to adapt your behavior to have consistently high closing rates and ease of execution.

This is truly the Art of Hypnotic Selling in Action coming from a high level of integrity and self worth.
Sat/Sun 10-6PM Break for lunch $2495
$1995 Early Bird Special